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Wild Flowers of the West Coast

Posted by Natalie White Book Accommodation

Wild flowers

After what had begun to feel like endless days of rainy Cape Town weather, the sun finally came out long enough to go out and play.  Our Sunday day trip destination? The West Coast National Park which is just outside of Langebaan and little over an hour’s drive from Cape Town. We quickly realized upon arriving at the gate that we weren’t the only ones with this idea, and for the first time we actually encountered a queue to get into the reserve! SANParks are clearly used to the popularity at this time of year – extra staff meant the wait time was very minimal. It was the penultimate Sunday before Postberg closed for the season and so one of the last opportunities to take the circular drive through the grasslands covered in a colourful array of spring flowers. Every year Postberg is open from the 1st August to 30th September. The standard conservation fee during flower season is R96 per adult or R48 per child, per day, there are discounts available for SA residents and entry is free if you have a Wild Card



And it’s not just the flowers that make a trip to the West Coast National Park worth it. The largest concentration of mammals can also be found in the Postberg section, common sightings are springbok, bontebok, ostrich, eland and wildebeest. The views of the Langebaan Lagoon are also pretty spectacular; the turquoise waters looked so inviting!

Lagoon views

Langebaan lagoon

Granite formations overlooking the Langebaan Lagoon

The park is also well known for its birdlife; Langebaan Lagoon is a world Ramsar site (these are wetlands of international importance) and with two hides overlooking the lagoon, you can happily sit for hours watching the flamingoes, pelicans and waders go about their business.


Greater flamingoes wading through the shallows


African Spoonbill at the Abrahamskraal Bird Hide

Such an abundance of wildlife, beautiful scenery and its close proximity to Cape Town makes the West Coast National Park well worth a visit.

Snow views

Views across the lagoon to the snowy mountians



Some big heards of eland can be seen around the park

Orange daisy



Angulate tortoises are a plenty in the park so watch out for them crossing the road!

Cattle Egret

A cattle egret amongst the wild flowers

Oranges daisies 2


Cape Spurfowl

Cape spurfowl

Grey-winged Francolin

Grey-winged francolin

Flamingo pair

Black harrier

A lucky sighting of a black harrier