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Tracking the Wild and OpenStreetMap




The maps used on Tracking the Wild's website and mobile apps are generated using OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the most extensive, community-generated mapping solution in the world and is fast becoming a major competitor to Google Maps. OSM differs to Google Maps in that OSM's data is open and licensed under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Anyone is free to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt OSM data, as long as you credit OSM and its contributors. You can read more about OSM here.


Contributing to OpenStreetMap

Tracking the Wild dedicates significant resources to mapping Africa’s protected areas in OSM and only list National Parks, Game Reserves & Nature Reserves (on our website & mobile apps) once they have been mapped in sufficient detail. Tracking the Wild supports the Mapping Africa's Protected Areas community on Facebook who are working hard to put all of Africa's protected areas on OSM.

Should you wish to help us map protected areas or notice incorrect or missing data in any of our maps, your contributions to mapping roads, buildings, points of interest, rivers, waterholes etc. would be much appreciated. Any updates you make will reflect on our website maps within 24 hours and roughly once a month for our mobile app's offline maps. If you have made significant updates to the map and would like to see your changes in the app sooner, please email us at and we will make the necessary updates.

If you are interested in contributing, you can start by reading the OSM user guide. Once you are ready you can start editing the map...


Amazing time-series video of London being mapped on OpenStreetMap