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The new Canon 7D Mark II, everything you ever wanted in a DSLR!

17 September 2014 | John White Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

Canon 7D Mark II

On the 15th September 2014, Canon finally announced the camera that we (and by 'we' I'm definitely referring to us here at Tracking the Wild!) have all been waiting for, the new Canon 7D Mark II. Five years have past since the first edition Canon 7D was released so it has been an agonising wait for many enthusiast photographers looking for an upgrade. For those of you who have been following the rumoured Canon 7D Mark II specs, you will be pleased to see that pretty much all of the features that were circulating have turned out to be true. 

The Canon 7D Mark II is set to go on sale in November 2014 at a body only retail price of about R23,000 in South Africa, £1,599 in the UK and $1,799 in the US.

If like us you are a keen wildlife photographer, you are going to be blown away by what the Canon 7D Mark II has to offer! After half a decade of waiting, all of the weaknesses of the first edition Canon 7D seem to have been resolved, in this case patience has been a virtue. All we need to do now is see if our technology budget will extend to an upgrade!

Below are the updated features that really stand out for us:


The new 20.2MP SSD

A brand new 20MP SSD with an ISO sensitivity of 100-16,000 (expandable to 51,200). We are hoping this new SSD will combined with the new dual Digic 6 image processors will help reduce the poor low light performance in the Canon 7D.


The new Autofocus System

The 65 cross-type AF points are a serious upgrade on the 19 AF points in Canon 7D and is even more than the Canon 5D Mark III’s 61 AF points!


10 Frames per Second

Shooting at 10 frames per second is impressive, shooting 10 frames per second continuiously until your memory card is full is incredible. While this is only possible when shooting JPEG's, you are still able to shoot 31 images continuosly in RAW mode. Combined with the 65 cross-type AF points, shooting at 10 frames per second is going to go a long way in helping you capture sharper action shots.


Dual Pixel CMOS AF

One of the major drawbacks of the Canon 7D’s video was the lack of an in-video autofocus. Using the focus ring to manually focus was really difficult and general resulted in your video being out of focus. Thanks to the new Dual Pixel CMOS, the Canon 7D Mark II is now capable of autofocusing in video.


Built-in GPS

If you are avid citizen scientist like us at Tracking the Wild, then you are going to love this feature! No more scrolling around on maps trying to see where you took your photo. Our website and smartphone apps read the GPS data from your images making it really easy to post your wildlife sightings with super accurate location information.


A full list of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specifications are as follows:

  • - Dual Memory Cards: CF and UDMA mode 7 + SD
  • - Built-in GPS
  • - 20.2MP APS-C Sensor
  • - Dual Pixel CMOS AF (Autofocus in video and live view modes)
  • - Image Processor: Dual DIGIC 6
  • - 65 cross-type AF points (Ceter point is an extra sensitive dual-cross-type point at f/2.8, cross-type at f/8 and sensitive to -3EV)
  • - 10fps (Infinite JPEGs or 31 RAW images)
  • - ISO 100-16000,  expandable to 25600 and 51200
  • - 1080p/720p both get 60fps
  • - Anti-flicker mode, eliminates flickers under flickering lights (e.g. fluorescent lamps)
  • - Spot metering size 1.8%
  • - Built-in flash
  • - Mic and headphones connectors
  • - Lens electronic MF
  • - About 100% coverage OVF
  • - USB 3


Canon 7D Mark II


Canon 7D Mark II