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Road Trip - Day 4: Happiness is a busy waterhole at Kameeldoring Treehouse

16 December 2014 | Natalie White Book Accommodation

Kameeldoring Treehouse - Mokala National Park

Mokala National Park's Kameeldoring Treehouse

Mokala National Park is SANParks newest park only opening in 2007 and whilst it may not be one of the largest national parks, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in scenery…and antelope! It could be said that Mokala is the perfect playground for them as sightings are plentiful; it's also an important breeding area for endangered and valuable species like roan and sable antelope and black wildebeest.

The landscape at Mokala is varied, from acacia woodland to open grassy plains which are such a joy for game viewing. Whilst there are no large predators in the park, the largest is black-backed jackal, our morning drive still proved to be very fruitful. Cape buffalo, giraffe and two sightings of bat-eared fox!

Cape Buffalo - Mokala National Park

Giraffe - Mokala National Park

All the giraffe in Mokala seem to have skin folds...

Bat-eared fox - Mokala National Park

Bat-eared fox trying to hide in the bushes

Red Hartebeest Calf - Mokala National Park

Red hartebeest calf chasing its tail!

Zebra Quagga - Mokala National Park

This is the closest to a Quagga that I have ever seen! Mokala is one of the National Parks involved in trying to recreate the Quagga from regular Plains Zebra...

Warthog Piglets - Mokala National Park


These warthog piglets were just too cute! Look at the little one skipping in the middle...

The heat of the day was spent hiding out in Mokala National Park's newest accommodation - Kameeldoring Treehouse. Completely unfenced and away from the main Mosu camp in the south and Lillydale Lodge in the north-east, the accommodation is a little rough round the edges but has all the essentials. Inside there is a double bed, small shower room and corner kitchenette with a gas burner. A large fridge-freezer and braai are outside and of course there is no electricity. Although it is pretty novel as an adult to legitimately hang out in a treehouse, its position overlooking Kameeldoring Pan is enviable. The constant stream of visitors that we had throughout the afternoon almost meant there was no need to get in your car!

Kameeldoring Treehouse deck - Mokala National Park

Kameeldoring Treehouse bedroom - Mokala National Park

Kameeldoring Treehouse Fireplace  - Mokala National Park

Kameeldoring Treehouse View - Mokala National Park

View over the waterhole...everywhere is so nice green after all the rain

Kameeldoring Treehouse Waterhole - Mokala National Park

Afternoon visitors to the Kameeldoring waterhole

Tsessebe - Mokala National Park

A tsessebe after a mud bath in the waterhole!

Eland - Mokala National Park

This eland bull was trying to bury his head in the sand...literally!

Warthog mudbath - Mokala National Park

Seems everyone was keen to get muddy today...

The afternoon saw one of the Northern Cape’s spectacular summer thunderstorms roll in, ensuring that the landscape keeps its vibrant green colour. As the heavens opened it did not take long for the orange roads to turn into rivers, even the leopard tortoise we came upon was struggling to cross the road because of all the water! Once the clouds had rolled away we were treated to the most magnificent rainbow before the evening sky was ablaze with colour as the sun set. With the braai going there was nothing left to do but enjoy the night sky.

Leopard tortoise navigating a flooded road - Mokala National Park

Leopard tortoise struggling not to get washed away by the afternoon storm!

Rainbow - Mokala National Park

Sunset - Mokala National Park

Kameeldoring Treehouse Braai - Mokala National Park

A braai with a view...

Stargazing at Kameeldoring Treehouse - Mokala National Park

Stargazing at Kameeldoring Treehouse - Mokala National Park

The spectacular night sky