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Review: Using Eye-Fi wireless SD card with your DSLR

 | John White  

Eye-Fi SD Card

Eye-Fi have introduced a nifty little SD card (SD to compact flash adapters available, see below) that packs storage and WIFI into a standard sized SD card. Pair the Eye-fi card with your mobile phone and your photos are automatically sent to your mobile phone wirelessly. This gives you the advantage of quality images from a DSLR with the added benefit accessing them immediately to share on your mobile phone! You can also configure it to automatically tag your images with your location using the GPS from your smartphone. Amazing, you will never forget where you took a photo again!

Use the Eye-Fi SD card with the Tracking the Wild app and you can upload and share your DSLR images within seconds of taking them!



The Eye-Fi cards come in two different models. This first is the Eye-Fi Mobi card which is designed to link directly to a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The second is the Eye-Fi Pro X2 card which has a few more features including syncing to a PC, shooting in RAW mode etc. The full comparison of features can be seen here and camera compatibility list can be seen here.

You may have noticed that Sandisk are producing their own brand of Sandisk Eye-Fi SD cards. These use the licenced Eye-Fi technology and are essentially the same as the Eye-Fi Mobi SD card, only a little cheaper.

You can buy Eye-Fi cards from the following stores:



If your camera uses compact flash, don't dispair , there is a SD to CF adapter that is compatable with these Eye-Fi cards: