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Ghosts of the San at Wolfberg Arch

By Scott Ramsay | Book Accommodation

Wolfberg Arch

Wolfberg Arch - Cederberg - South Africa

The Cederberg has exceeded our expectations…and they were high to begin with! As you may have read in Thandi’s blog recently, we have just finished a spectacular hike to the Wolfberg Arch, via the famous Wolfberg “cracks”. We slept out under the waxing moon, and there wasn’t a breath of wind. As I wrote in my blog for Getaway this week, I felt like the ghosts of the San were whispering to us all night…I felt very comforted and safe, despite being the only people sleeping on top of a massive mountain. We were truly alone physically, but perhaps we had someone looking over us…is that just a feeling one gets, or is it “real”? I think any true wilderness area poses these questions. And the Cederberg certainly does that.

Wolfberg Cracks - Cederberg - South Africa

Wolfberg Cracks

It’s supposed to be winter at the moment, but we’ve had one day after another of sunshine, warmth and crystal clear skies. I am sad to leave the Cederberg, but will relive these memories for many months to come. I’ll be uploading some more photos of our time here, so hopefully they do justice to this special place.

Wolfberg Arch


Wolfberg Arch