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Camera traps - An important conservation and research tool

 | John White  

A camera trap (or trail camera) is a camera that is activated by a motion sensor. Camera traps are an effective and unintrusive way of investigating the wildlife that inhabit a specific area. They have fast become a commonly used tool for researchers for the detection of rare species, to estimate wildlife populations and even to monitor poaching.

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MammalMap is new initiative by the Animal Demographic Unit at the University of Cape Town, South Africa (ADU), that is making use of all the valuable information generated by the thousands of camera traps monitoring Africa wildlife. The aim of MammalMAP is to update the distribution records of all African mammal species. Through collaborations with professional scientists, conservation organisations, wildlife authorities and citizen scientists across Africa, they consolidate all reliable and identifiable evidence (camera trap records & photographs) of current mammal locations into an open-access digital database. Their database software is designed to automatically generate online distribution maps of all recorded species. These records become visible and searchable immediately following the inclusion of sightings into their database. The information consolidated within MammalMAP will not only yield crucial information for species conservation policies and landscape conservation policies, but also provide an excellent platform for educating the public about African mammals and their conservation challenges.

Tracking the Wild has teamed up with the ADU so all of your valuable sightings data can be put to good use. We allow the posting of sightings from both inside and outside of protected areas so please remember to post all of your sightings, wherever you are in Africa! 

 Jonkershoek Leopard

A leopard caught on the Tracking the Wild camera trap in Jonkershoek, just outside Stellenbosch.


Kirstenbosch Caracal

A caracal caught on the Tracking the Wild camera trap in Kirstenbosch Gardens, on the edge of Cape Town suburbia!


Jonkershoek Porcupine

A porcupine caught on the Tracking the Wild camera trap in Jonkershoek, just outside Stellenbosch.


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